-3 to 20°C
2325 hours
sunshine per day
526 mm
153 days
141 days
71 days

Climate of Norway

Norway is a country of great contrasts in terms of climate. From the snowy peaks of Norway's fjords to its green valleys and forests. And while it is true that Norwegian winters can be cold, the country's climate is much more than just snow and ice. In fact, Norway has a wide variety of climates, ranging from very cold to very mild.

Climate averages for the whole year

  • Day: the average daily temperature during the day is between -3°C and 20°C
  • Night:the average nighttime temperature is between -9°C and 11°C
  • Rain: it rains 141 days and there is a total of approximately 526 mm rainfall
  • Snow: it snows an average of 71 days per year
  • Sun hours: throughout the year there are 2325 sun hours
Maximum temperature: between -3°C and 20°C
Warmest month: 20°C in July
Coldest month: -3°C in January
Night temperature: between -9°C and 11°C
Dry days: 153 days
Days with rain: 141 days
Days with snow: 71 days
Total rain sum: 526 mm
Hours of sunshine: 2325 hours

Norway is a narrow but stretched long country and, as a result, its climate can vary greatly from region to region. Norway can generally be divided into three climate zones: the polar zone, the temperate zone and the subtropical zone. The Gulf Stream also has a major influence on the climate, making the west coast (including cities such as Bergen and Stavanger) warmer and milder than other parts of the country.

Northern Norway (polar zone)

The polar zone covers the northernmost part of the country, where temperatures are almost always below freezing and average annual precipitation is low. This is the part of Norway that most people picture when they think of the country's climate.

Central Norway (temperate zone)

The temperate zone covers the central part of Norway and has a more moderate climate. Temperatures in this zone are usually above freezing, although colder periods may occur in winter. The temperate zone also receives more precipitation than the polar zone.

Southern Norway (subtropical zone)

Finally, the subtropical zone covers the southernmost part of Norway and has relatively warm temperatures throughout the year. This is due to the Gulf Stream, which brings warm water from the tropics to the Norwegian coasts. This zone receives a lot of precipitation, especially in winter.

Norway's climate in general

Precipitation is fairly common in Norway throughout the year, so bring your raincoat. The sun can be shining one moment followed by a heavy downpour. Some parts of Norway even get more than 2,000 mm of rain per year. In winter, the country receives a lot of snow, especially in the mountains.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Norwegian climate are the famous long days in the summer months. From late May to late July, the sun never sets in Norway's northernmost region. This phenomenon, known as the midnight sun, attracts visitors from all over the world who come to experience 24 hours of daylight.

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Temperature graph

This graph shows the average maximum temperature (red) and minimum temperature (blue) for Norway.

Precipitation graph

This graph shows the average amount of rainfall per month for Norway.

Climate table of Norway

In this climate table you can see at a glance what the average weather per month is for Norway. The data has been collected over a 30-year period, from which an average per month has been derived. From year to year the differences may be larger or smaller, but with this climate table you have a good idea of what the weather for Norway might be like in a given month.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Day temp. (°C) -3 -3 2 8 15 18 20 18 15 8 2 -2
Night temp. (°C) -8 -9 -5 1 6 8 11 10 7 3 -1 -5
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Precipitation (mm) 25 28 32 26 50 54 62 64 45 51 55 34
Days with rain 2 2 4 11 17 18 22 20 15 14 10 6
Days with snow 14 13 12 6 1 - - - - 4 9 12
Dry days 15 13 15 13 13 12 9 11 15 13 11 13
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sun hours per day 3 3 5 8 9 12 10 9 8 4 4 3
Wind force (Bft) 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
UV-index 1 1 1 3 4 4 4 4 3 2 2 1

Best time to visit Norway

With its dramatic landscapes and abundance of outdoor activities, Norway is a top destination for nature lovers. But when is the best time to visit Norway? The answer depends on what you want to see and do.


. Summer (June-August) is the most popular time to visit Norway, and for good reason. The weather is warm and sunny, making it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. The days are also much longer in summer, which means you have more time to explore all that Norway has to offer. However, summer is also high season for tourists, making it the busiest and most expensive time to travel. So if you want to avoid the crowds and save some money, consider visiting in spring or autumn.

Spring and autumn

. Spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November) are both wonderful seasons in Norway. The weather is milder than in summer, but still pleasant enough to enjoy the outdoors. It is also less crowded during these months and you have somewhat lower prices. However, you do have a chance that some attractions may be closed.


. Winter (December-February) can be a magical time to visit Norway. In winter you can see the northern lights, dog sledding, snowmobiling and skiing at some of Europe's best resorts. If you're hoping to see the Northern Lights, this is the time of year to go. Keep in mind, however, that winter can also be cold and dark, especially in northern Norway. If you are not a fan of cold weather, you may be better off staying in southern Norway during the winter. No matter when you choose to visit Norway, you are sure to have an unforgettable trip!

Climate of Norway by month

What is the average climate in a given month for Norway? Click on a month to see all monthly averages for sunshine, maximum and minimum temperatures, percent chance of rain per day, snowfall and number of rainy days.

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